Shave for the Brave

Loss, Healing, and Hope: Maariv and Shave for the Brave

Too many of our members, including Rex and his wife, Rachel Hertzman, have experienced the tragedy of losing a child. All are invited to unite with us to care for and support each other, and to pray together for a day when no families will suffer such a terrible loss.  “Shave for the Brave” follows this t’filah. Phyllis and Michael Sommers recently lost their son, Sam, to leukemia. Led by Rebecca Einstein Schorr, our community rallied together with a plan to shave their heads at Convention and raise funds for pediatric cancer research through the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. Those rabbis who are unable to attend Convention will shave at home within their communities on April 1st.  You may make a donation online.

 Below is a recording of the live stream.  A version edited for time and content will be forthcoming.