Keter Torah

Earn gifts from CCAR, share your commitment to professional development with your leadership, and qvell with your colleagues in recognition of your ongoing learning.

Welcome to Keter Torah, a voluntary program to encourage and recognize lifelong rabbinic learning and skills development by members of the CCAR, granting awards and other incentives to rabbis who engage in serious and sustained learning over the course of the Jewish year through the CCAR or elsewhere. The areas of learning include Torah, text study, rabbinics, professional development, counseling, and education skills.

Incentive learning levels

  1. Yad Torah: 54 hours of approved learning within a year
  2. Choshen Torah: 118 hours of approved learning within a year
  3. Rimon Torah: 180 hours of approved learning within a year

Courses or workshops must each be a minimum of an hour in length. For more information, read the Keter Torah FAQs.


The Keter Torah (KT) hours will be noted in CCAR program publicity. Each teleconference will generally provide one hour or KT 1.

Tracking of hours will be by the honor system. We ask that you please track your hours. Many of our members enjoy using a continuing education tracker app, available in Android and iOS.

When you have reached your incentive level, please notify us by using this form before Rosh HaShanah 5775.